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A Sacred Heart education is an enduring investment in your child’s future. 

We are committed to providing a maximum of academically qualified students with access, regardless of financial circumstances. To the extent that our funds and demand permit each year, families of admitted students with demonstrated need may be eligible for financial assistance of varying amounts.

All requests for tuition assistance begin by applying online through FAST – Financial Aid for School Tuition.

Created by Independent School Management (ISM) and used widely by schools across the country, FAST evaluates a family’s ability to accommodate tuition based on a variety of factors, such as income, net worth, housing costs, and number of children paying tuition and cost of living for our area. Following the FAST recommendation, applications are then reviewed by the SHS tuition assistance committee and all family situations are further considered and awards determined.

From time to time, a student may need additional resources to thrive at SHS.

Available for qualifying families, our Non-Tuition Related Financial Aid (NTRFA) program can help with other expenses associated with the cost of a Sacred Heart education, such as purchase of textbooks and school supplies, student activity fees, participatory retreats and service travel, cafeteria meals, school-sponsored testing and college application fees, and other related items.


   FAST parent user guide

   FAST parent user guide

  • In the 2021-2022 school year, Sacred Heart awarded more than $8.0 million to families on the basis of clearly demonstrated financial need.
  • All requests for tuition assistance and family financial information are considered proprietary and held in strict confidence by Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton.
  • Applying for tuition assistance has no bearing on acceptance to SHS.
  • The maximum tuition assistance given to a student applying to Preschool – 5th grade is $10,000.
  • Limited tuition assistance is given to students applying to 6th – 8th grades.
  • Tuition assistance for students applying to 9th – 12th grade ranges between $1,000 and $47,826


1 IN 4 50+ $8M
Families receive aid Endowed Scholarships Tuition assistance provided

SHS Tuition

Preschool Half Day $29,850
Preschool Full Day $33, 400
Kindergarten $33, 400
Grades 1-5 $36,835
Grades 6-12 $50,220

SHS offers three tuition payment plans

Families can select

1.  A one-time July payment

2.  Two payments in July and January

3.  A monthly option for the duration of the school year.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

Apply online through the FAST program directly from the Sacred Heart School website by February 1, 2023. You will enter all financial information directly through the secure server. Space is also provided to fill out additional information that may be pertinent to your application. 

Scan/upload a copy of your 2022 Federal and State Tax Return complete with W-2s and all schedules directly to FAST by March 1, 2023 for student applying to Sacred Heart and April 3, 2023 for current families . These forms will only be used to arrive at a fair determination of financial need.  If you chose to mail your documents, please be sure to include the name Sacred Heart Schools on the top left corner of the envelope

Independent School Management
Attn: FAST Processing
2207 Concord Pike #417
Wilmington, DE 19803

Submit fee of $48 to complete your online FAST form*

*Please note: SHS is unable to offer fee waivers for the FAST Application fee

What are the deadlines for the FAST application and taxes?

Families applying to Sacred Heart Schools, as well as current SHS families, who are requesting tuition assistance for the 2021-2022 school year must submit the FAST application by February 1, 2023.

Families applying to SHS must also submit a copy of their 2022 Federal and State Tax Returns, with all schedules and W-2’s to FAST by March 1, 2023. Please plan ahead to ensure that your taxes are completed by this date.

Current SHS families must also submit a copy of their 2022 Federal and State Tax Returns, with all schedules and W-2’s to FAST by April 3, 2023. Please plan ahead to ensure that your taxes are completed by this date.

All taxes should be sent directly to FAST.

How is tuition assistance awarded?

Upon receiving the FAST recommendation, the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee evaluates the recommended award based upon the demonstrated financial need of a family and the school’s budgetary constraints. The FAST report does not bind SHS to any specific award, but rather provides a guideline to help make equitable need-based awards.

Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year?

No. SHS requires families who receive tuition assistance to reapply each year. As long as the student remains at our school, tuition assistance will be renewed each year according to demonstrated need and if the family has met all of the filing deadlines. Changes in circumstances such as income, family status, and the number of children attending SHS may result in increases or decreases in an award. However, unless there is a significant change in either a family’s economic status or a tuition increase at SHS above 10 percent for the school year, awards will be renewed at the previous year’s amount. Every application is reviewed annually.

Should I apply for tuition assistance before I know my child has been admitted?

Yes. If you do not apply for assistance by the published deadlines, your chance of receiving tuition assistance is significantly reduced. Please do not wait for acceptance from our school to apply for aid as it may be too late.

I don't do my taxes until close to the April 15 deadline. How will this affect my tuition assistance award?

You will need to complete your taxes early enough to meet the deadline (March 1 for new students/April 3 for returning students) in order to be eligible to receive a tuition assistance award. If you have questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our office for clarification.

Will a change in family financial circumstances during the school year chance the tuition assistance award?

If your circumstances change after you submit your application, please contact the Admission Office and submit your new information. The Tuition Assistance Committee will review the new information, and awards will be based on your demonstrated need and our available resources.

Is it possible to appeal the tuition assistance allocation?

Yes. Please write to the Tuition Assistance Committee explaining your appeal. Include any information that will help the committee to better understand your situation, such as a detailed list of monthly expenses or any information that you wish to explain more thoroughly.

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We are committed to providing a maximum of academically qualified students with access, regardless of financial circumstances.


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